Our Aria ACCS Advance Dialer is asterisk based software that automatically dials telephones number. Once the call has been answered, the dialer either plays a recorded message or transfers the call to live agents.

It is an automated telephone dialing system, enables agents to drastically increase their live connections. In fact, dialer has the ability to quickly make multiple outbound calls, pulling from a database of phone numbers that connect to communication and telephone lines. It connects to multiple agents, has more outbound lines to dial on than agents using the system and dials phone numbers in such a way to predict when agent will be available.

The configuration and the amount of agents using the system will affect how many calls the dialer software places per hour.It also takes into account many factors including the average call time, average number of rings before a customer picks up the phone, reports of dialed calls that are answered, average length of talk time on each call.

Predictive Mode:

This mode is helpful to manage the multiple campaigns and leads. After uploading data, dialer will start dialing on uploaded Numbers. As call connects with customers, it will transfer the call to agents. In between if it will get response ofbusy, no answer, switch off, answering machine or any other that time it will not transfer the call and event will be created at back end and it starts dial on another number.it helps to increase the productivity of agents and minimize the idle time.

Progressive Mode:

After Uploading data, Dialer will start dialing and transfer the call to agents.it passes the caller information on same time when the number is being dialed by dialer. Agents have a usually few seconds to see the call information but cannot stop the call process.

Preview Mode:

It also known as Click to dial or manual dialing, agents can dial number from their panel or landlines etc. here agents can check the list of next dial numbers. In this mode, agents are free to make a call to customers any time.it is very helpful that time where you require a bit of research before connecting with customers.

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