Predictive dialer is just a contact center solution, offered by Aria, features manual dialing. All the outbound calls from selected user list are opened automatically and answered call with passing to the available service agents. We are offering predictive dialer in delhi that is based on latest technology, to help the contact centers or call centers in verifying average time in use to get live answer and average length of every talk and based on the calculation. Our predictive dialers give complete solutions for increasing the productivity in contact centers over manual dialing. It is of course a fundamental part of Aria, and gives advantages to the entire corporations and call centers and minimizing time between answered calls.

IVR Manager

Ours IVRS help you in making more efficient the call process and providerelated information to customers without need of representative.

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Live Monitoring

It is easy to monitor the system through predictive dialer, and you can give full authorization to different person to monitor various campaigns & ACD. You can create and edit role as per your need through UCS.

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Dialing Mode

Our Aria Parth UCS Predictive Dialer is asterisk based software that automatically dials telephones number. Once the call has been answered, the dialer either plays a recorded message or transfers the call to live agents.

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Queue Message

As call will be connected with our server, there will be an IVR, welcome message will be play and you need to choose options to speak with concern person of particular Deptt.

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Trunk Line Connectivity

Trunk line is a main line for communication systems as PRI trunk, GSM/CDMA gateway, SIP trunk, FXS etc. as one of these lines are connected with our system at input & from output terminal wire will go in to the LAN switch.

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Agent Recording

Aria Delivers secure storage & flexible retrieval options allowing contact centers to have a quick & precise access of each recording.

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CRM Builder

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers.

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Script Manager

Here we have given an option to admin panel, where he/she can share scripts with agents according to campaign. as admin will update script in his/her panel,it will automatically show to agents.

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Agent Terminal

For contact center solution we provides two panel first one is for Admin or Team leader or supervisor etc. and second one is for agents. It also called agent terminal or user management.

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After disconnection of calls, Agents should to fill call status that is called call disposition. So, ARIA UCS has facility to build up call disposition according to your choice.

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Automatic call distribution system, usually called ACD, is most imperative part of any call center, afford multiple ACD group for various necessities at Call Centers.

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MIS Reporting

To view live monitoring of IVR System, we have given an option of reports for all the process. We provide separate reports for all process in different formats.

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